Monday, May 21, 2012

Massage Therapy By Sabrina

Sabrina Will Be Located At Both Our Concord Ca Location, And Our Pleasant Hill Ca Location.


 Sabrina Rider C.M.T. & Health Educator 
Sabrina is a California State Certified Massage Therapist who graduated from the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, CA in 2006. After graduating with a Letter of Excellence and finishing the program of 750 hours she started working with the NCFL (Northern California Football League) with the semi-pro NorCal Lawmen team as their Team Trainer growing her Sports Massage background. During that time she worked in various spas perfecting her technique while adding to her list of certifications and scope of services, she is now opening her very own in her hometown bringing Holistic healing at an affordable rate to the Bay Area.
You can Also Contact Sabrina At: 925-787-1877 to make a appt.

Below Are A List Of Prices And Services:

Body Wraps


Full Body 
90 min $75 per session
3 sessions for $225
6 Sessions for $360 (20% savings) 

Spot Area
30 minute $75 per session         

Our body wraps are just as the picture shows ! Seperate bandages (similar to an Ace Bandage) are soaked for a half hr prior to the appointment in an Amino-Caffeine concentrate. After we take your before weight & measurements we apply an Essential Oil mixture that helps target cellulite followed by the wrap. You are then covered with plastic sheet and a hot blanket followed by a space blanket to keep the heat insulated. The heat helps open the pores to absorb the oils which are activated by the fat cells. Once absorbed they assist the body in breaking down the fat cells that have been burned off but have not broken down on their own getting rid of unwanted inches that are unneccessary ! After we unravel you from your wrap we re-do the weight & measurements to see how much you've lost !


* The In Home Massage, You Must Be Seen In The Salon First For Consultation*

Customized Massage
60 Minute Session: $50  

Hand And Foot Reflexology 
20 Minute Session: $25

*In Home Massage*
60 Minute Session: $85

Hot Stone Massage                                

90 Minute Session: $120                           

Skin Firming Massage
60 Minute Session: $80

All massages are performed by a Certified State Therapist. All massages WILL follow proper State of California draping guidelines to assure your personal privacy & comfort.

Salt Scrubs


Full Body                                  
40 Minute Session: $60

Hand And Foot Scrub
20 Minute Session: $20

Salt scrubs are ideal for easing stress while exfoliating and moisturizing from head to toe, leaving skin silky smooth and glowing. They can also have essential oils added to create your own personal aromatic experience that will last on you all day !

Mommy Meltdown Package

This package includes: 
120 Minute Session: $100

Mid section weight loss wrap, skin firming massage on arms, legs, neck, shoulders and scalp. A salt scrub with reflexology and aromatherapy.

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Sabrina Also offer a array of therapies.  Please contact her for additional information!